Conversation about Dubious Stem Cell Clinical Trials Marketed on NIH Website

A couple of days ago, I spoke with reporter Bradley J. Fikes about an interesting, new study “, stem cells and ‘pay-to-participate’ clinical studies” (by Leigh Turner, an associate professor at the University of Minnesota Center for Bioethics). The paper describes how businesses use the public website to recruit participants for unapproved stem cell interventions. This is […]

Join the Upcoming Digital Scholar Webinar Series

The training series introduces health researchers to digital approaches and tools relevant to their research.

What We’ve Learned About Automating the Promotion of Clinical Trials On Social Media (Part 1)

Check it out! A new tool that automates the generation and distribution of user-friendly social media messages about research.

How Social Media is Changing the Life of Patients and How it Could Help Research As Well

Facebook helps patients with rare diseases to break out of their isolation. It also provides unique, new opportunities for research, especially study participant recruitment.

Lessons from Twitter Prompt Scientists to Rethink Public Health Outreach

In this interview, Barbara Gerbert, PhD, and Natalie Heaivilin, DDS, explore how Twitter may help health professionals to prevent dental disease in the future.

"Marketing for Scientists"

“Marketing For Scientists” — Thinking Beyond Self-Promotion

This article series explores how marketing concepts could help researchers achieve various goals: get funding, make sure their work gets the attention it deserves, and increase the impact of research.

“Am I Having A Stroke?” Connecting Physicians With Online Information Seekers To Prevent Disease

Five questions with UCSF neurologist and stroke researcher Anthony Kim about his new study that explores how the Internet can potentially help to reach people who are searching for information online and reduce the number of preventable disease incidences.

More People Look At Research If It Is Promoted Via Social Media, A Case Study

Melissa Terras from London’s Global University shows that by combining open access and social media scientists can spread their research more widely and benefit the community.


Digital Science: Revolutionizing the Way Research is Conducted

Digital Science: Revolutionizing the Way Research is Conducted

Thomas Crouzier published an interesting article on cloud-based services to connect researchers, bring mobility to research, and open new possibilities through sharing resources.

Social Media Listening

Free Twitter Tool That Tells You When Your Followers Are Online The Most

Free Twitter Tool That Tells You When Your Followers Are Online The Most

Tweriod looks at both your tweets and those of your followers to provide the best times to tweet.