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Join the Upcoming Digital Scholar Webinar Series

Nearly every part of the research process can benefit from digital advances. This webinar Digital Scholar Programtraining series introduces health researchers to digital approaches and tools relevant to their research.  We will cover a wide range of topics, such as recruiting study participants online, using digital tools to improve a systematic review study, accelerating the dissemination of research results, and launching a crowdfunding campaign. The series is designed to address a gap in the current training of health sciences researchers and to increase the number of scientists at all career stages who are comfortable enhancing their research workflows with new digital approaches — to be more effective and efficient.

The webinars will be open to all and free of charge. All webinars will be accessible afterward on the Digital Scholar Program page.

Upcoming webinar topics in 2017

Sep 6, 2017/12-1PM PST
Topic: Recruiting study participants online using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk
Speaker: Jesse Chandler, PhD, a survey researcher at Mathematica Policy Research and an Adjunct Faculty Associate at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan
Register here

Oct 4, 2017/12-1PM PST
Topic: Disseminating scientific papers via Twitter: Practical insights and research evidence
Speaker: Stefanie Haustein, PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Information Studies, University of Ottawa
Register here

Nov 1, 2017/12-1PM PST
Topic: Using the research platform TurkPrime to crowdsource data for the health sciences
Speaker: Leib Litman, PhD, Lander College, Associate Professor of Psychology; TurkPrime, Director of Research
Register here

Dec 6, 2017/12-1PM PST
Topic: Accelerating systematic review studies using the online tool Covidence
Speaker: Anneliese Arno, community manager at Covidence
Register here

Read the original news announcement and sign up for future training opportunities


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