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What We’ve Learned About Automating the Promotion of Clinical Trials On Social Media (Part 1)

For a while, I have been thinking about ways to help research teams to better promote their clinical trials. Social media provide a great opportunity to do so. But doing it right requires time and resources. Together with a team of collaborators, we’ve asked the question whether we could automate part of the process. The result is Trial Promoter, a free, Web-based tool that automates the generation and distribution of user-friendly social media messages about research. We’re excited to share the tool with you today. Check out http://trialpromoter.orgThe software code is free and accessible to technical and non-technical audiences so you can run your own experiments. We would love to hear your suggestions for future extensions to the tool.

TrialPromoter.org website

TrialPromoter.org website

If you like to know more about our first experiment using Trial Promoter, take a look at this peer-reviewed paper in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

We still have a lot to learn and many experiments to run. Stay tuned for more, for example, a Trial Promoter study on how well automated clinical trial messages help to recruit potential study participants through social media, and a health promotion study about the effectiveness of anti-tobacco messages – distributed on social medial and analyzed by Trial Promoter.



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