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Launching New Digital Scholar Training Initiative

Let me begin by saying that this is an experiment:  Together with colleagues at the University of Southern California and our external partners at Experiment and at Symplur, we are inaugurating a Digital Scholar Training Initiative to help researchers better utilize the Web in support of their research.

For our pilot workshop series, we will focus on four topics:

  1. Becoming a successful digital scholar – What does it take?
  2. Crowdfunding: Secure alternative seed funding (in collaboration with our partners at Experiment)
  3. Increasing the reach and impact of  research
  4. Using digital and social media data for research (in collaboration with Symplur)

Watch the video introduction

I am very interested to learn how researchers will respond to and use the new knowledge and how we can better support them in doing so as we move forward. It may take some time before we establish a more standardized training approach to Digital Scholarship. With this and future series, we hope to contribute to the encouraging examples that are already out there. Read the full news article

Share your thoughts with us if you’re thinking about how to best teach Digtal Scholarship skills or have ideas on how to better support Digital Scholars.

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To be continued…


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