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“Networked Nonprofits”: Using LinkedIn To Find The Right Board Members

Here is an interesting article by @BethKanter  about “how to use social network tools to find the right board members—with the right networks.” This approach helps thinking in terms of a network versus “Who do we know who has this skill?” Beth writes:

Board Connect is a new resource that can help nonprofits transform themselves into networked nonprofits by finding and recruiting board members using a networked strategy.

You can see how to implement this strategy using LinkedIn InMaps tool, an interactive visualization of your professional connections that enables you to see relationships between people in your network. It can help formulate a board strategy the helps you identify and bridge gaps in your networks.

As Meg Garlinghouse points out in her post, “Why Connections Between Nonprofit Leaders and Board Members Matter,” the nonprofit sector tends to be very connected with each other but not with the business world. Having a visualization of your professional network in the form of a social network map can help you or your board play the role of “network weaver” by connecting to a whole new set of resources in the form of knowledge (skilled volunteers), donations (potential donors or corporate partners), and connections (future board members).

Keep reading: Bringing a Network Mindset to Board Development


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