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New PLOS ONE Altmetrics Collection Is Focusing On Non-Traditional Research Impact Measures

Heartening to read that PLOS ONE, in collaboration with altmetrics.org, has launched the PLOS ONE Altmetrics Collection, “a body of research that aims to provide a forum for the dissemination of innovative research on these metrics.”

Altmetrics is the study and use of non-traditional scholarly impact measures that are based on activity in web-based environments.

Altmetrics research seeks to build and track a rich, holistic image of impact on diverse audiences (general public as well as scholars) and monitors diverse types of engagement with scholarship, including viewership, discussion, bookmarking, and recommendation, along with traditional citation.

This allows researchers, funders, institutions and policy makers to create a higher resolution picture of the reach and impact of academic research and track its effects on diverse audiences.

The PLOS ONE Altmetrics Collection aims to continually cover a range of subjects including statistical analysis of altmetrics data sources; metric validation, and identification of biases in measurements; validation of models of scientific discovery or recommendation based on altmetrics; qualitative research describing the scholarly use of online tools and environments; empirically-supported theory guiding altmetrics use; and other research relating to scholarly impact in online tools and environments.


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