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“Collaboration Is The New Competition”

Ben Hecht (@benhecht) wrote an interesting article “Leading in a Hyperconnected World” published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review. Great food for thought and perspective on communication strategy and the decentralization of related efforts.

Leadership has become distributed and collaborative. The new reality is that leaders don’t lead alone. We are all part of a much broader problem-solving network, with many high-performing organizations and individuals—public and private—working on different parts of the same problem or even the same part of the same problem.

Today, leaders should base communication strategy on constant engagement—two-way information sharing with people and organizations in their problem-solving network. Digital media in particular allows organizations to share what they are doing and learning as their work progresses, and to receive real-time feedback from new and sometimes unlikely sources that can enhance their work.

Collaboration is the new competition and the more valuable your contributions are, the greater your influence will be.

Mine, engage, and let go. These three tactics can help adapt yesterday’s communications function to today’s hyperconnected world, where knowledge is king and collaborative leadership the new normal.

Read the full article


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