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BrainSCANr: Tool Helps The Discovery Of Novel Research Ideas

Check out brainSCANr if you’re looking for previously unforeseen connections between the brain, behavior, and disease. It’s a great tool that provides a lot of food for thought. The image below shows the exemplary search for the term anxiety.

brainSCANr stands for Brain Systems, Connections, Associations, and Network Relationships. The tool helps you explore the relationships between neuroscience terms in peer-reviewed publications. It highlights possible connections and lists the associated publications.

According to its creators Bradley Voytek, PhD, and Jessica Bolger Voytek, brainSCAN is “a dictionary of hundreds of brain region names, cognitive and behavioral functions, and diseases (and their synonyms)” that finds “how often any two phrases co-occur in the scientific literature”.

We assume that the more often two terms occur together (at the exclusion of those words by themselves, without each other), the more likely they are to be associated.

See also the brainSCANr blog


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